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Getting your home ready for sale - things to consider. Part 1.

Here are some things to think about when preparing you home to go on the open market. Hopefully, they'll be of use to you!

Kerb appeal - What is the first impression your home will make on estate agents arriving to carry out valuations, and then on buyers looking for their next home in either Kingston or Teddington?

Your front gate - if you have one, does it look tired, or maybe it has come of its' hinges, and what about the condition of any fencing? A little TLC will ensure a good first impression.

The path leading to your front door and the garden area - any cracks in paved areas with weeds coming through, or maybe the privet bush has gone a bit wild. If you have time to spare, tidy up the garden and pathways and sweep away leaves. No one expects Kew Gardens, but if you have an outside space at the front you may as well make the most of it. Oh, and don't forget to give your back garden a tidy up too if you have one.

The all-important front door - if there's one way to make a good first impression, it's giving your main entrance a fresh lick of paint, and making sure the doorbell is in working order. Check outside lighting, and if necessary add further appeal by placing attractive pot plants at either side of the door. It's the small things that count!

First step inside the house - ensure the entrance hall is light and uncluttered. The removal of excess coats, shoes and furniture will make the area appear larger. Smells are important too. We all live in our homes and sometimes that can result in generating aromas, some more pleasant than others. Cooking odours can linger- such as that delicious bacon you ate for breakfast or last night's curry, laundry and pet odours can be off-putting. If you have any concerns why not ask one of your close friends for an honest aroma appraisal of your home. A safely placed scented candle is a worthwhile investment. It is also advisable to have your pet looked after by a friend or family member in the event that a potential buyer may be allergic to, or may not be an animal lover. On the other hand, viewers may be so fond of animals that your pet commands more attention than your home!

Clutter - we all have our own taste. Some of us prefer a minimalistic approach and others like to display lots of trinkets. In all fairness, neither is right or wrong. It's your home after all, but it pays to be objective when looking to achieve the best market potential for your property. Have a look at your home and if it is bursting at the seams with ornaments, teddy bears, photo frames, and large items of furniture you may want to put some of them away or into storage for safe keeping so that you can let the house shine through and let the estate agent and potential buyers see its full market potential.

To be continued…